Terms & Condition

  1. 1: Organization means any person, company institute, society, NGO, firm etc. who has using any services and/or our websites.

  2. 2: The terms “AIC”, “we”, “us” or “our” shall refer to ARASH INFO CORPORATION. The terms “you”, “your”, “User” or “customer”, “client” shall refer to any individual or entity (Organization) who accepts this Terms & Conditions, has access to your account or uses the Services.

  3. 3: The Terms & Conditions is an operational rule given here constitute the entire agreement between “ARASH INFO CORPORATION” and you (Terms & Conditions) with respect to the service.

  4. 4: Service(s) including “Domain Registration”, “Server Space”, “Web Designing & Development”, “Hosting”, “Scripting”, “Software & App Development Services ” that we offer markets, maintenance and website maintenance supports as the date and all fixes updates the we may offer to you however the terms of contract from will cover only those which you has specifically availed.

  5. 5: “AIC” shall provide service to you in lieu of the services charged paid by you at the time of signing this contract.

  6. 6: Hereby you confirms that the information given by you in contract form is true and correct.

  7. 7: All services provider by us is subject to realization of Cheque/DD and subject to full and final payment.

  8. 8: “AIC” reserved the right to terminate all existing pr previous services with or without prior notice if the due payment are not cleared full and final.

  9. 9The time limit of building a website depends on several factors. cooperating with their clients while developing a website and fully depends on the clients. However, if you have a fixed deadline we will put some an additional effort to fulfill your deadline and finish the website in a very planned timeline.

  10. 10: “AIC” shall not be liable to the customer for services of any kind if domain is expired, suspended by registrar and/or by authority for any or no reason.

  11. 11: The registration fee, renewal fee is payable in advance is unconditionally non refundable. If the government and/or authority in future levies ant tax,fee or other out goings, the same shall be borne by customer.

  12. 12: Please note that cheque dishonored will be incurring a charge of Rs.750/- (Seven Hundred & Fifty Indian Rupees).

  13. 13: Interest will be charged @ 24% per/year on bills not paid after 10 days.

  14. 14: “AIC” shall not be liable to customer or any third person or entity for any loss, expense, or damage of any kind in connection with performance of its obligations under this contract, or arising from disruption, interruption, suspension or malfunction of services for whatever reason.

  15. 15: The “customer” is entirely responsible for civil or criminal liability which is incurred as a result of there use of the products/services offered/ contents on website.

  16. 16: The customer is fully responsible for any content (text, logo, photo, video,music,color schema) to be used in the website and other services.

  17. 17: The customer is fully responsible and liable for the Violation of Law & Rule about Copyright, Trademark, Intellectual Property, etc.

  18. 18: The customer hereby undertakes to indemnify “AIC” against liability for any and all aspects of these services.

  19. 19: “AIC” expressly excludes any implied warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose to the fullest extent possible by law.

  20. 20: “AIC” may discontinue or revise any or all aspects of services, wherever possible “AIC” will strive to give a prior notification of such changes, thought “AIC” reserves the right to do so without prior notice to customer.

  21. 21: This agreement is subject to force majeure clause.

  22. 22: This agreement is subject Ludhiana Jurisdiction only.

  23. 23: All the correspondence shall be addresses to “AIC” as the address given in the contract form.

  24. 24: The customer here by declares that I (customer) read these terms and conditions and the contract from completely and that I (customer) unconditionally agrees to abide by there terms and conditions.

  25. 25: Website Design, Website Development, Scripting, Coding, Maintenance of any services, software development for web, mobile and computer shell be considerer as a Labour job not as a product and/or services.

  26. 26: Payment made is not refundable or/and adjustable in any case.